NWU Book Listserv Migrates to Riseup.net

The NWU Book listserv has found a new home. Instead of Yahoo Groups, you can now find it over at lists.riseup.net. The listserv is a place where members of the National Writers Union can organize, share resources, give advice, and support one another. The group is a home for those who have either written a […]

DC Member Launches Vietnam War-Era book on Veterans Day

Starting November 11th, you have the chance to experience the Vietnam War-era GI anti-war movement as told through a new book co-edited by NWU-DC member Barbara Doherty. Waging Peace in Vietnam: U.S. Soldiers and Veterans Who Opposed the War includes includes first-person accounts by those who protested and resisted from within the military, and by […]

Join NWU Authors Sheard and Fletcher July 16 in DC

Come see NWU members Bill Fletcher Jr. and Tim Sheard at Busboys Takoma from 6-8 p.m. on Tuesday, July 16. This event, Bread & Roses: Writers at Work, will feature Fletcher, Sheard and Gary Frank, who is also a longtime labor activist. All three published novels in the past year, and will speak about their work and […]

DC Public Library’s Author Festival Offers Chance to Hone Your Craft

This month authors have the chance to take part in workshops, discussions, social activities, and professional development in a one-day festival courtesy of the DC Public Library and the Library of Congress. Session topics at the DC Author Festival will include international publishing, genre writing, short story writing, working with an agent, structuring your novel, […]

NWU’s Hasbrouck to Speak at March 28 Free Digital Marketplace Workshop

The Department of Commerce’s Internet Policy Task Force will host an all-day workshop Thursday, March 28, about the standards and tools that content producers use in the Internet age. The event will be held at the United States Patent and Trademark Office campus in Alexandria, VA, and will be webcast. The theme is “Developing the Digital Marketplace […]

Job: Author Seeks Transcriber

An aspiring author is searching for someone to transcribe recorded chapters of a book he plans to write. His name is Dr. Peter Speth. Dr. Speth was born in 1936 in Cologne, Germany. At the time, his father was in jail for speaking up against Hitler. The family later immigrated to the United States, where […]

In D.C., Audiences Can Visit North Korea Without a Passport

North Korea is perhaps the most secretive nation on Earth. In a new one-man show, Next Stop: North Korea, NWU member John Feffer aims to bring you as close to as you can get without a visa and a ticket to Seoul. The show is based on his visits to the country and work he […]

Piper Fund Seeks Partnership Associate Grant Writer

The Piper Fund is a way for individuals and foundations to finance efforts to defend democratic institutions and historicially disenfranchised communities. The organization is looking for a Partnership Associate Grant Writer to help raise funds in the effort to defend democratic norms and institutions while advancing proactive democracy reform. The need for such work in […]

Local Business Journal Seeks Reporter to Cover Amazon

Amazon is coming to Arlington County. That means Washington DC suburbs will soon be the home of thousands more highly-paid tech employees. The region will also be home to a company with a history of undermining both peoples’ economic stability and our privacy. Covering Amazon is no longer a long-distance affair. We need someone local […]

Editor Job Opportunity: Center for Urban and Racial Equity

The Center for Urban and Racial Equity’s self-described mission is to partner with people and organizations to advance equity through policy, systems, institutional, community, and societal change. Want to be a part of that mission? Well you can be: The organization is seeking an editor to prepare reports, toolkits, and other content for publication. The center wants […]