A Message To Our Members

It’s been said that “Crisis doesn’t develop character; it reveals it.” During the pandemic we’ve seen acts of incredible cruelty, stupidity and selfishness. We’ve also seen acts remarkable kindness and generosity. I sincerely hope you and yours experience much more of the latter as we move through these strange and troubling times.

1. PRODUCTIVE: Writing. Reading. Cooking and eating yummy food. Practicing didgeridoo. Studying Spanish online.

2. DISTRACTED: Attention span of a ferret on crack. Unable to do much more than listen to music or plop on the sofa and watch old reruns of The Ezra Pound Comedy Hour.

 3. FRIGHTENED: Gripped by existential dread as a member of a high-risk group. Hyper aware of every little cough and sneeze.

 4. REFLECTIVE: Trying to make peace with my past and live in the moment, thinking about what I’ll do to help clear the rubble and rebuild if I make it to the other side of this.

5. SAD: Mourning the vanished world, those who’ve died from the virus, the businesses and cultural organizations that won’t survive, the friends and family members from whom we have to keep our distance.

6. FURIOUS: Filled with rage at the denial and incompetence that has cost so many lives.

Sometimes I go through all six states before lunch. I try to remind myself that each has its place.

This is a time to go easy on ourselves. Give ourselves permission to not be as “productive” as we think we should. This isn’t a time to pressure ourselves to write The Great American Novel. This is a time to keep yourself and your family alive. Everything else can wait.


Charles Coe
Boston Chapter Co-chair