National Writers Union Celebrates 30 Years of Fighting for Freelancers

A few words from the National Writers Union's 30th anniversary celebration in New York City


Larry Goldbetter, NWU President

It’s been quite a road we’ve travelled, from the Land of Ronald Reagan in 1981, to Zucotti Park and the spirit of Occupy in 2011. Reagan huffed and puffed and blew down the Berlin Wall and the old Soviet Union, which had already thoroughly rotted out from within, and unleashed an assault on working people and unions that continues to this day.  With unions at their lowest level since the Great Depression and with 90% of the workforce non-union, here we are, still standing. (Read on...)

Jan Clausen - Poet, Teacher, Activist

The first and simplest answer is that "we (writers) ARE the 99%," and as in other industries, a union is an absolute necessity to help us fight the conditions of our exploitation. Whatever our genre or specialty, the vast majority of wordsmiths are targets in the class war being waged against all kinds of working people. Our first task is simply to survive long enough in our profession to even have a shot at writing in the future. I recently got scared, then infuriated, when I realized how many of my writer friends, both older and considerably younger than I, have left New York or are on the verge of leaving because they can't afford to live here any longer. Add to that the numbers of those with strong publishing track records who can't get their new work accepted anywhere, or are making the choice to sign a contract for virtually no advance simply to get a book out, and you will see that, if the 99% of non-elite writers expect to sustain a writing life, we must get together and fight back. United we bargain, divided we beg is every bit as true for writers as for transit workers, teachers, carpenters, or nurses. Pay the writer! (Read on...)


Susan Davis - New York Co-Chair, National Contract Advisor

We’re here to celebrate the union’s many accomplishments over the past 30 years and to take a look ahead. That’s why we chose “Writing the Future” as this evening’s theme. The idea for the National Writers Union emerged in 1981 at workshop entitled “Why a Union? at the Writers Congress called by The Nation magazine in NYC. By 1983 an official charter was adopted that set up goals of defending freelance writers’ rights in all genres and working to promote their economic interests. But what does the NWU do best? We assess the current marketplace for writers in every genre and take action to promote writers’ best interests. We strive to take vanguard positions on everything from tax law to orphan works or web-based content farms that pay a penny a word or, in the case of the Huffington Post, zip. (Read on...)


The evening's speakers also included:

Herb Boyd

Award-winning book author, journalist
Literary Hall of Fame for Writers of African Descent





Louis Reyes Rivera

Award-winning poet, essayist
Brooklyn Jazz Hall of Fame, 2011

Photos by Thomas Good / NWU


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