Write-in Winners & Special Elections!

We have been in touch with several candidates who received write-in votes during the recent election, and we are ready to announce our write-in winners. Congratulations to these and all of our other NWU Officers and Delegates, who are starting their new terms today!

The final election results, including vote count, can be viewed here.

Write-in Winners

At-Large Delegate
Cyrena Touros
Robert Maxwell

Boston Alternate Delegate
Shannon O’Connor
Janice Brodman
Lolan Sevilla

Chicago Alternate Delegate
Grace Benfell*

Oregon Delegate
Bob Rossi

Pacific Northwest Delegate
Michael Andrew

Pacific Northwest Alternate
Sarah Buel
Chris Roberts

Tucson Delegate
Joe Ferguson

*As noted in a prior email, some delegates don’t meet the one-year membership threshold required for candidacy, but due to open vacancies and the candidates’ commitment to run, the Election Committee made the recommendation that they be seated by the incoming delegates.

National Special Election Announcement

The next National Special Election will be held on Tuesday, October 1, 2024. Nominations will be accepted through September 3, 2024 and may be extended; if no nominations are received for a position, then those specific contests will be rescheduled.

To nominate yourself or another candidate, please e-mail electioncommittee@nwu.org or visit the nominations form.

The following Delegate seats are vacant:
Chapters with vacant Delegate positions should review Section XXIII-8-1-a of the bylaws.
At-Large Delegate (1)
DC Delegate (1)
Philadelphia Delegate (2)

The following Alternate seats are vacant:
At-Large Alternate (6)
Boston Alternate (1)
Chicago Alternate (2)
DC Alternate (4)
Michigan Alternate (3)
New York Alternate (5)
Northern California Alternate (3)
Oregon Alternate (3)
Philadelphia Alternate (3)
Pacific Northwest Alternate (1)
Southern California Alternate (3)
Tucson Alternate (3)

Post-Election Debrief

A forum open to all members will be held in the coming weeks to hear feedback on this year’s election process and answer any questions from members or candidates. That debrief will occur on Thursday, July 18 at 6:30pm ET, following the open meeting of the Executive Committee at 5pm. A Zoom link will be shared out closer to the event and added to the shared calendar.

As always, direct any questions to the Election Committee at electioncommittee@nwu.org.

The Election Committee
David Hill
Ryan Kelly
Johnathan McClure
Elena Novak
Josh Tucker