2011 Delegates Assembly Elections


The 30th Anniversary celebration for the NWU began with our successfully concluded 2011 Delegate Assembly (DA), held in Detroit, MI, June 24-26. More than 50 delegates, officers and guests from 17 cities, including Mumbai, India, participated in many discussions concerning the boycott of the Huffington Post and the future of online journalism, e-books, the Google Book Settlement, and much more. We took up the issue of anti-immigrant attacks in Arizona and the attempts to wipe out the Ethnic Studies program in the Tucson public schools, and the attempt to ban Occupied America, a textbook written by NWU member Rodolfo Acuna from Los Angeles. He met with the Civil Rights committee and was the featured speaker at our Saturday dinner reception.
 The DA elected the following leadership for divisions and standing committees:

  • Journalism Division: Yael Grauer, Twin Cities; Jeanne Cosmos, Boston
  • Book Division: Edward Hasbrouck, Bay Area; Susan E Davis, New York
  • Business and Technical Division: Ken Heard, Philadelphia; Tom Ladd, Bay Area
  • CAP Committee (Political Action): Dan McCrory, Los Angeles; Laura Dely, Washington DC
  • Civil and Human Rights Committee: Alecia Goodlow-Young, Detroit; Gino Pepi, Bay Area
  • Women’s Committee: S. Renee Greene, At-Large (Mesa, AZ); Roseann Silletti, New York

The DA passed 8 resolutions, and three more are pending.

  • We amended the by-laws to have the National Executive Committee adopt financial policies and procedures for the Union rather than the Financial Secretary-Treasurer with the approval of the President.
  • We amended the by-laws to include procedures to enable delegates to submit late resolutions to the Delegate Assembly.
  • We created a program of research, education and NWU policy concerning e-book contracts and royalties.
  • We reaffiliated with US Labor Against the War (USLAW).
  • We passed a resolution supporting ILWU Local 10, threatened for the one-day strike in support of Wisconsin public workers.
  • We passed a resolution supporting the Wisconsin public employees in their struggle against Governor Walker;
  • We supported the ethnic studies program in the Tucson School District;
  • We are preparing for a boycott of Natural Solutions magazine unless NWU members are paid the $11,000 for the work they have done.


  • Having NWU 30th anniversary celebrations across the country this November;
  • A resolution condemning FBI raids against union activists for international solidarity work;
  • Support of an AAUP resolution on the politicization of science.

 This week we will have a link to a web page with reports and resolutions. Also, the July NWUsletter will include reports, delegate impressions and other DA highlights.

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