The 'Pay the Writer!' Campaign Explores the Future of Online Writing for Freelance Journalists

Working without pay should not be the expectation of online publications or online writers. Journalists should get paid for their work. The Huffington Post would have never become the country’s most popular online news source without the thousands of contributors who put in their own time and energy writing for the site. The Huffington Post cashed in when it sold itself to AOL for $315 million, however it didn’t compensate those who built it and continues to recruit unpaid writers Writers create more than content. We create value and wealth and deserve to get paid for the work that we do. Join the Pay the Writer! campaign and help establish a living wage for online freelance journalists and writers!

On Tuesday October 11, the Pay the Writer! campaign hosted a panel of online journalists, entrepeneurs and academics who explored the economic future of online freelance writing. The panel brainstormed about the stakes for journalists trying to make a living in a world in which more and more of the publishing outlets are exclusively digital. The panel included:

John DingesColumbia University School of Journalism Professor and National Writers Union Member

Katti GrayPrize-winning veteran freelance journalist appeared in, and others. A member of the National Association of Black Journalists

Samuel Apple, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of

Sharon Lerner, Fellow at DEMOS, journalist, author and activist

For more campaign updates and news sign up at You can also follow us on Twitter @PayTheWriter.

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