Sign The Natural Solutions Petition!

Several NWU members are owed money by Natural Solutions magazine and need your help.

Between September 2010 and February 2011, InnoVision Health Media published 13 articles by nine members of the National Writers Union in Natural Solutions magazine. While Natural Solutions magazine commissioned, accepted and published the articles, its publisher, Dick Benson, has yet to pay most of these writers for their work. He currently owes eight NWU members a collective total of $11,510.12.

The NWU is continuing to work on this situation, but we need your help. Please sign your name to the petition.

In addition to signing the petition, you can also help by emailing this petition to friends, posting it on your Facebook page, posting it on your website, Tweeting it to your followers, posting it on writing listservs and so on. If we collect enough signatures, Dick Benson may be encouraged to do the right thing and pay his writers.

Please show your support for the writers who did the work and deserved to be paid by signing and sharing this petition today!


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